Jacuzzi J470 Hot Tub

Comfort comes in your size, with seats in a variety of depths. Our Jacuzzi® hot tub designers build in features to personalise the home hot tub experience. Seats are moulded to support the body, in the J470CD every seat is designed for easy access to the foot jets as well. Highly effective neck jets and five of the vigorous Jacuzzi® PowerPro FX2 jets are featured in this spacious hot tub.

Surround yourself with a feeling of relaxation
Give in to the luxury of Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy, cocooned in a world of cascading waterfalls and warm jet streams. 39 PowerPro® jets produce virtually any massage type, from deeply invigorating to tension-relieving. There are five therapy seats in the J-470 hot tub, each one designed to provide a targeted hydromassage for specific muscle groups.

  • 231 X 231 X 109 cm
  • Illuminated PowerPro IX Jet
  • 2 WaterColour waterfall
  • Exclusive J-1000 Audio System and Docking Station for iPod
  • Green Energy Insulation on all 2011 models
  • Pro clear